How to contribute

Gearpump is developed by an open and friendly community. Everybody is cordially welcome to join the community and contribute to Gearpump. There are several ways to interact with the community and to contribute to Gearpump including asking questions, filing bug reports, implementing new use cases, proposing new features, joining discussions on the mailing lists, contributing code or documentation, improving the website, or testing release candidates.

Ask questions!

The Gearpump community is eager to help and to answer your questions. Please subscribe the user mailing list.

File a bug report

Please let us know if you experienced a problem with Gearpump and file a bug report. Open the Issue Tracker and click on the New Issue link. Please give detailed information about the problem you encountered and, if possible, add a description that helps to reproduce the problem. Thank you very much.

Propose an improvement or a new feature

Our community is constantly looking for feedback to improve Gearpump. If you have an idea how to improve Gearpump or have a new feature in mind that would be beneficial for Gearpump users, please open an issue in the Issue Tracker. The improvement or new feature should be described in appropriate detail and include the scope and its requirements if possible. Detailed information is important for a few reasons:

Test a release candidate

Gearpump is continuously improved by its active community. Every few weeks, we release a new version of Gearpump with bug fixes, improvements, and new features. Release testing is a big effort if done by a small group of people but can be easily scaled out to more people. The Gearpump community encourages everybody to participate in the testing of a release candidate. By testing a release candidate, you can ensure that the next Gearpump release is working properly for your setup and help to improve the quality of releases.

Contribute code

Gearpump is maintained, improved, and extended by code contributions of volunteers. The Gearpump community encourages anybody to contribute source code.

Looking for an issue to work on?

We maintain a list of all known bugs, proposed improvements and suggested features in the Issue Tracker. Please have a look at the list, if you are looking for an issue to work on. Feel free to ask questions about issues that you would be interested in working on.

Contribute documentation

Good documentation is crucial for any kind of software. This is especially true for sophisticated software systems such as distributed data processing engines like Gearpump. The Gearpump community aims to provide concise, precise, and complete documentation and welcomes any contribution to improve Gearpump’s documentation.

Please report missing, incorrect, or out-dated documentation as an issue. Gearpump’s documentation is written in Markdown and located in the docs folder in Gearpump’s source code repository.

Improve the website

The Gearpump website presents Gearpump and its community. It serves several purposes including:

We welcome any contribution to improve our website.

Please open an issue at the Issue Tracker if you think our website could be improved.

More ways to contribute

There are many more ways to contribute to the Gearpump community. For example you can